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Stefano's list of things to look at when reviewing:

  • Is the merge conflict-clean
  • Does pyflakes complain
  • Do the tests pass ("trial ibid")
  • Does the feature do what I want
  • If I don't look at the usage string, can I use it
  • Try all the corner cases you can think of
    • Enough error handling but not too much
    • What other features will this break?
  • Fuzz testing
  • Are the responses sane, and Ibiddy (chatty and maybe even snarky)
  • Python style:
    • Does it use unicode and bytestrings appropriately
    • Is it going to work on all supported versions of python (2.4 - 2.∞)
      • No "with", no ternary "... if ... else"
    • Regexes are cached. You don't need to precompile unless you are building them on the fly
    • If there's anything in the source that isn't pretty easily understandable, it should probably be commented.
    • Are the line lengths ok (some files have long lines, but I like to reign them in 80. See PEP-8
    • Headers and footers (vim line and copyright)
  • If there's only one small thing you want fixed do an "approval conditional on ..."


  • disconnect from, connect to, etc. Does it still work after a few of those.
  • iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport $currentsport -j REJECT. Does it reconnect?
  • iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport $currentsport -j DROP. Does it reconnect?
  • Does it handle rejection when connecting correctly?
  • Is the truncation sensible.
  • Is it UTF-8 clean.
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Page last modified on January 31, 2010, at 04:46 PM