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10:29 < tumbleweed> thoughts for meetings:
10:29 < tumbleweed> we should probably have a selectable stylesheet
10:29 < tumbleweed> log joins parts
10:30 < tumbleweed> pick up URLs and make them clickable
10:31 < tumbleweed> sort attendees
10:32 <@cocooncrash> I've just changed the log file to have a per-channel directory
10:32 <@cocooncrash> Then style sheets can be channel specific
10:32 < tumbleweed> ah, that'd work
10:32 <@cocooncrash> Maybe we should add style sheet links in the HTML, even if they don't exist
10:32 <@cocooncrash> And have both 'meeting.css' and '../meeting.css'
10:32 <@cocooncrash> Or something
10:33 < tumbleweed> hmm, that's quite elegant
10:33 < tumbleweed> although not every layout will be relevant for ../
10:33 < tumbleweed> did that permissions patch do the trick?
10:33 < tumbleweed> possibly divide the log up by topics?
10:34 <@cocooncrash> Haven't tried
10:34 <@cocooncrash> Can the meeting title be put in the filename?
10:34 <@cocooncrash> Ye, more definite topic changes are good
10:34 <@cocooncrash> Ye, more definite topic changes are good
10:36 < tumbleweed> they can't at the moment, but that sounds good
10:36 < tumbleweed> obviously it'd have to be a slugified title
10:37 <@cocooncrash> Yes
10:37 < tumbleweed> we probably don't need MS in the timestamp
10:37 <@cocooncrash> No ;-)
10:40 < tumbleweed> the brackets around nicks could be moved from the HTML to CSS
10:40 < tumbleweed> but then we need a way to guarantee the CSS is always available
10:40 < tumbleweed> configurable stylesheet URL?

Other bits:

  • Do we want the bot to have to be addressed in a meeting, or can we use a signifier like "#"
  • Must the bot respond to everything
  • Should it alter the topic if it can
  • Possibly highlight nicks in minutes for easier visual reference.
  • A more extensive implementation is the Zakim bot. There is a summary of things missing from ibid to be on par with Zakim.
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Page last modified on September 27, 2010, at 12:15 AM